Find peace within your own four walls
Since in today`s motorized environment the general noise level is constantly increasing, it is more and more important to find resting in your own home. Therefore it is of great importance that the requirements for building acoustics are met, ie that the impact sound insulation and airborne sound insulation are met.

Airborne and impact sound insulation

Unfortunately it happens again and again that construction defects occur in the construction of residential houses. Improperly laid parquet / laminate flooring or inadequate or nonexistent footfall and airborne sound insulation may result in sound bridges, which subsequently lead to increased noise pollution. If limits defined in the regulations are not met, refurbishment work or financial compensations, such as a reduction in the purchase price, may be invoked.
Our company has trained personnel (generally sworn and court certified expert), which is specialized in the field 20.30 (Acoustics) and gladly supports you in your individual case.

  • Our services:

  • Building Acoustics measurements acc. ÖNORM EN ISO 140-7, 140-4, ISO 354
  • Rating of sound insulation in buildings acc. ÖNORM EN ISO 717-1, 717-2
  • Measurement of sound power level acc. ÖNORM EN ISO 3744 und ÖNORM EN ISO 3746
  • Acoustic measurements of technical installations acc. ÖNORM EN ISO 16032 and capital equipment
  • Measurement of sound immission acc. ÖNORM S 5004
  • Psychoacoustic measurements and analysis