Analyze and reduce vibrations and shocks
Noise often occurs together with vibrations and shocks.
Following the expansion of the European rail networks, these problems are becoming more important. Therefore, measures for the reduction of vibrations and shocks are essential.

Construction work as piling, compaction and blasting produces vibrations which can result in severe damage to buildings. Sensitive technical equipment such as servers, computers, X-ray machines, etc. may fail. In addition, during vibration of intense construction, the quality of life of residents is limited. Therefore, it is advisable, to operate shortterm or permanent monitoring during the construction. We have the necessary know-how and the necessary equipment for standardized monitoring and evaluation of vibrations and secondary sound.

  • Our services:

  • Vibration and shock tests according to ÖNORM S 9010 and S 9012
  • Evidence in vibration intensive construction work
  • Planning of measures for vibration and shock protection
  • Research in the field of secondary airborne sound